Trauma Recovery/HAP at EMDRIA 2014



Thank you to all who contributed to our Honor Wall at EMDRIA!

In Honor of Donated by
Dorothy Ashman Joset Munro
Judy Dale Deborah Price
Barbara Perry Cher McClellan
Trauma Recovery/HAP Czikus Carriere
Trauma Recovery/HAP Staff Ira Dressner
Trauma Recovery/HAP Volunteers Carol Martin
Margie Buchanan Richard Murphy
Kathy Davis Lynn Buhler
Karen Stacy Anonymous
Lynda Ruf & in memory
of Sandy Kremer
Vicky Cole
Joseph & Mary LaPorta Eileen
Francine Shapiro Jamie Vavarontsos
All of my clients, past & future Carrie Hunter
AzTRN Volunteers Beverlee Laidlaw Chasse
Michael Keller, LCSW Kay Gottrich
Kathy Davis Susan Tieger
My Children Yvette Goldurs
Vic Schoonover Ardi Schoonover
Francine Shapiro Marian Lancaster
All the children Sandy Papp
Sandra Kremer Jean Hawks
Jennifer Hill Marianne
Shanti Shipero Jocelyn Barrett
Bob Gelbach Janet & Jeff Wright
Carol York’s Mother Robbie Dunton
Julie Stowasser Susan Goodell
Trauma Recovery/HAP Scott Ginther
Kathy Davis Cynthia Carr
200+ EMDR Clinicians in the
West Bank of Palestine
Bob Gelbach
Trauma Recovery/HAP Board Carol Martin
Marlene Dwyer Jen, with love
EMDR Volunteers Victoria Anderson
Dave Olson Karen Olson
Liz Witkowsky Halusia
Layla Karl S.
Daisy Fern Ilyssa Swartout
Trauma Recovery/HAP Irene Giessl

Thank you for supporting Trauma Recovery/HAP!!

Recipient of the 2011
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Sarah Haley Memorial Award
for Clinical Excellence

On February 7, 2014 the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations recommended that the UN Economic and Social Council grant EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs Special Consultative Status.

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